24/7 Monitoring

It doesn’t take long for a vandal to smash a window, or for a thief to make off with poorly secured construction tools. Another video surveillance company might be able to respond or react within minutes, but minutes can be too long.

Not only can our smart video surveillance monitoring solutions proactively deter criminals, but it can recognize the difference between genuine threats and false positives, so the alarms don’t ring just because a neighborhood cat got too curious about an open window.

Integrated Mobile Apps

View any of your live camera feeds anytime, anywhere, right from your mobile device, thanks to state-of-the-art mobile apps.

Rapid Response Time

Don’t just solve crime, proactively deter it before it happens. Our video surveillance monitoring system triggers audio and visual deterrents within 24 seconds of a detected intrusion. We spook trespassers away before they can cause harm.

Smart Search Capabilities

Our remote video surveillance monitoring system immediately tags every piece of footage, which makes pulling clips for later reference fast and easy.

False Alarms.
A Thing In the Past.

False alarms can waste time and be frustrating to deal with. That’s why our advanced remote video surveillance monitoring solutions are not only effective, but designed to mitigate false alarms. Through real-time contextual search, integrated machine learning that correctly identifies what’s a threat — and what isn’t — and with advanced 3rd-generation equipment health monitoring, you can rest easy knowing our intelligent surveillance solution is protecting your property and assets.

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