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Home security as flexible as your life.

Brothers Sound & Security proudly offers a variety of plans to fit your needs, at a price you can afford. Keeping your home or business safe shouldn’t break the bank. Even with the best brands and technologies, you deserve to have options for what level of service you want, and not have to pay too much for it. We’re dedicated to providing continually excellent customer service no matter how simple or extensive your system might be.

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Our Service & Monitoring Plans

  • Standard

    Professional-grade products. Professional security monitoring.

    24/7 Wi-Fi Monitoring

    Our 24/7 monitoring station receives, analyses, and responds to any alarms triggered on your system – within seconds, they will dispatch police, fire, or emergency medical services and notify emergency contacts, or cancel the alarm at your request.

    The Honeywell systems we sell can communicate with the central station using landlines, Wi-Fi, and cellular communication paths.

    Premium Honeywell Products

    You don’t operate on a fixed schedule. Why should your home? The Honeywell Lyric System is designed for how you really live, with a wireless connected platform that makes your home safer, smarter and more enjoyable than ever.

    Free Lifetime Phone Support

    Don’t wait until after you put up your system to ask for help; just call us when you receive your system and we’ll walk you through the installation process step by step via video chat or phone.

    Anytime you need troubleshooting & maintenance, you have a direct line to our technicians. Plus, all of your products come with 1-Year Warranty on all parts and labor.

    Portable and Upgradeable

    Your wireless Honeywell system makes it easy to add features or pack up and transport your system.

    100 Safe Nights Guarantee

    If you are in any way dissatisfied with your experience installing and using the equipment during the first 100 days after your purchase, you can return the equipment and get a full refund.

    Free 2-Day Shipping

    We understand you want your system up and running as soon as possible, so we begin the process of programming, packing, and shipping your equipment out to you the moment we receive your payment and information.

    Yard Signs and Stickers

    Deter intruders and prevent break-ins before they happen with our resilient yard sign and window stickers.

  • Smartphone Control

    Turn your smartphone into a remote control for your home.

    24/7 Cellular Monitoring

    Dual-path alarm monitoring uses the internet as the primary alarm communication path, but offers the extra security of using cell towers in the event of an internet outage.

    As soon as your system detects internet issues, it’ll switch to the backup cellular alarm communication path. That way, your Honeywell security system always remains connected to our central monitoring station.

    Crash and Smash Protection

    Crash and Smash Protection protects you by automatically activating the alarm if someone attempts to disable the Lyric Controller.

    Push & Email Notifications

    Receive instant text and email messages on your phone. Be informed of alarms, power outages, and who arms and disarms the system.

    Smartphone Control

    Change your security system settings and view any recent activity all from your smartphone or tablet using the Total Connect 2.0 app.

    Remote Arm and Disarm

    Activate and deactivate your security system from your mobile phone with a single tap.

    Location-based Control

    Tell your system to perform actions automatically depending on whether you’re home or away: arm your alarm system, lower the thermostat, turn off the lights, and much more.

  • Video and Automation

    Full-featured control and automation gives you complete peace of mind.

    Smart Home Automation

    Let your Lyric Controller and Total Connect 2.0 app control the latest gadgets like smart locks, lights, thermostats, cameras, and more.

    Live Video Streaming

    View up to 8 cameras when you link them to the Lyric Controller. See what your cameras see in crystal-clear HD – anytime, anywhere. View your live video stream remotely from the Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 app available on iOS, Android, or from any web browser.

    7-Day Cloud Video Storage

    Your Honeywell system stores video captured in and around your home for 7 days by default, and can be upgraded for 30-day cloud storage.

    Motion Detection Alerts

    Get instant notifications with recorded footage of any activity that your cameras capture.

    Infrared Night Vision

    The Honeywell IPCAM WOC1 1080p Outdoor Camera’s stylish, weather-resistant design features night vision with an infrared range of up to 65 feet for visibility when you need it most.

Switch My System

Do you have an older system or have another company currently monitoring it? We can switch you over with no upfront cost. With our tailored services, you’ll get exactly what you need and a quick response time, too.

  • No cost to switch
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Screened technicians
  • We can use your existing system
  • FREE no-obligation quote
  • No hidden fees

Frequently Asked Questions

How many months is the monitoring agreement for?

Our initial monitoring agreement is for 36 months. After those 36 months, the agreement becomes month-to-month.

If I cancel my plan, can I still use my system?

Yes, when you pay for your equipment, that equipment is yours forever. We don’t “lease” equipment. We don’t sell proprietary equipment, or any other kind of products that lock you out from using the system if you decide to switch companies down the line.

Our products are compatible with most monitoring companies so you can easily reuse your equipment with another service, potentially saving you hundreds (if not thousands!) of dollars.

Do you have fees or costs other than the upfront equipment cost and monthly monitoring (e.g. activation fees, maintenance fees, etc.)?

“Hidden fees” are a dishonest business tactic and totally against what we stand for. We don’t like unpleasant surprises any more than you do. Transparency is how we build great relationships with our customers that last decades.

As for maintenance costs, all equipment is warrantied through us for 1 year. After that, you purchase replacement parts at-cost plus the cost of shipping.

If you need on-site maintenance, we run at a labor rate of $99/hour.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Yes, you can change plans at any time by calling 844.883.5383. However, you only get a system discount upon the initial purchase of a new system, not if you upgrade your plan at a later date.

How do I switch my existing system to your company?

Take a photo of your current keypad, then contact our sales team at 844.883.5383. We’ll take a look to confirm it’s of a compatible brand and model. If so, we can take it over at no added cost.

How long is the monthly rate locked in?

You’re locked into your rate as long as you are under contract.  Customer loyalty is everything to us, that’s why we haven’t raised anyone’s rates in over 10 years.